Reduce IT capital depreciation and billable hours through rapid IT turnaround of departing employee computers. 

Reduce risk by moving data on computers into the cloud in a forensically admissible format with chain of custody (court ready).



Keep the data, let the hardware go (to a new user)!

GRC Agent enables immediate turnaround of computers while preserving all of the file and forensic data. Reduce IT capital depreciation cost, IT staff time, and risk by moving data off the hardware and into the cloud (or on-prem) in a forensically sound manner.


Let Your Data Come Out Of the Closet! Are you storing departing employee laptops in a closet? Or even copying files onto a CD?

GRC Agent enables the shifting of the full data set from a computer to the cloud. Data on the cloud is much easier to manage than dozens or hundreds of laptops, even CDs, on shelves as it can be accessed anywhere, automatically end of lifed, queried en mass if a location on a specific computer isn't known, etc.

GRC Agent helps you immediately move all of the data off the computer and into the cloud. The hardware can then be reissued with no risk of data and with minimal IT capital depreciation loss.

IT in turn can be much more efficient when finding lost files, restoring images to a returned user, and even in the operational work of finding and deleting data which is no longer needed.

GRC Agent can even load standard "new user" images and guarantee secure data erasure as part of the data acquisition process.

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