Secure and standardize the HR Exit Process, protecting the company's data, intellectual property, and trade secrets. Close the compliance loop between corporate policies on use of corporate computers and enforcement. 



Data - Intellectual Property - Trade Secrets - Research - Customer Data

Financial Information - Client Lists - Marketing Documents - Reputation

Employees, contractors and business partners are all examples of what is commonly known as the insider threat – an internal threat actor that can access, leak or steal company data. Insider threats present one of the biggest risks to businesses today. 

Malicious employee practices - like mass file copying of trade secrets or clients lists - may not be obvious during the HR separation process. Forensic data acquisition can detect these activities, but have traditionally been too complex and costly to incorporate as a best practice for exit interviews. GRC Agent is changing this by enabling HR departments to conduct forensic data acquisitions easily, affordably, and automatically to protect against bad actors and bad faith lawsuits.



Current HR processes and organizational practices leave an open loop between computer usage policies and compliance, with no practical enforcement. Utilizing Digital DNA via GRC Agent, the compliance loop can be effectively closed with a legally admissible, forensically sound and complete image of a computer. Over time, with sustained practice and proof of effectiveness, employee behavior will change, thereby reducing the frequency of insider incidents. Standardize The Process. Change The Culture!


Layoffs are an unfortunate reality in any economic climate. When an organization goes through a downsizing event, data security is a critical piece in helping support both the departing employees and the organization.

Unlike individual employee terminations, which are customarily unannounced and immediate, layoffs present a larger threat to corporations because they leave the door open to both intentional and unintentional data loss, leakage and integrity problems. When employees sense impending layoffs or are told in advance and kept on for a limited time to transition, that is when rumors and panic consume the employees. It's then that the company's sensitive data can be compromised.

With GRC Agent, facilitators can safeguard the data, and discourage last minute behavior as employee computers are immediately imaged in a legally admissible format. 

For IT, the hardware turnaround process largely decreased, as employee computers can be imaged and uploaded to the cloud much faster. 

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